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Composite Restorations Specialist

Lake Forest Dental

Davina Prida, DDS

Cosmetic Dentist & General Dentist located in McKinney, TX

For patients who experience tooth decay, damage, or disfigurement, restoration offers the best opportunity to regain the function and appearance of their smile. At Lake Forest Dental in McKinney, Texas, Davina Prida, DDS, specializes in composite restorations for repairing damaged teeth. To learn more about how composite restorations can improve your smile, book an appointment by phone or online today.

Composite Restorations

What are composite restorations?

Composite restorations are a highly effective method of restoring the function and appearance of teeth. With composite restorations, your dentist uses a tooth-colored material to fill and restore damaged teeth. The color of your restoration is customized by your dentist to ensure the best match to your natural tooth. Composite restorations bond to the surface of your teeth to improve strength and structure.

Composite restorations are also used as an alternative to extractions. In cases where traditional fillings aren’t an option, composite restorations allow your dentist to restore decayed or damaged teeth to their original integrity. 

Composite restorations are applied in layers and hardened using a specialized light. As your dentist builds the layers of your restoration, she shapes and adjusts the composite to achieve the optimal shape and fit. Composite restorations are ideal for small cavities and minor tooth damage. 

What are the benefits of composite restorations?

Composite restorations offer patients a simple solution to repairing decayed or damaged teeth. There are a number of benefits to composite restorations over other filling materials. Some of these benefits include:

  • Natural tooth-colored appearance
  • Appropriate for various applications
  • Easy to repair
  • Cause less damage to the natural tooth
  • Strength 

Composite restorations help bring back the health and appearance of your teeth. In addition to being the most natural-appearing restoration material, composite restorations make it easy for your dentist to restore your teeth to their original size and shape. Composite restorations are appropriate for a number of applications, including tooth decay and chipped, cracked, and worn teeth. 

How long do composite restorations last?

Although composite restorations provide strong, natural-appearing results, they aren’t as long-lasting as other restoration materials. Depending on the size, location, and wear of your composite restoration, it may need to be refilled in as few as five years. Luckily, unlike other options, repairing composite fillings is quite simple. 

Regular dental exams are especially essential for patients with restorations as they allow your dentist to detect any issues or failures with your repaired tooth. 

To find out if composite restorations are the right choice for you, book an appointment at Lake Forest Dental by phone or online.