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Learn More About the Benefits of Cigna

If you have a Cigna dental insurance plan, you should certainly try to take full advantage of your benefits. After all, your coverage could allow you to enjoy low-cost preventive care and significantly lower out-of-pocket costs for restorative services. But how can you make sure that you are getting the greatest possible value out of your plan? Our McKinney dental team is here to help. Because we are an in-network Cigna dentist, we are in the perfect position to assist you as you navigate your insurance coverage.

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Cigna Coverage Availability & Fees

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Cigna offers several different PPO dental insurance plans, all of which give you freedom to visit any dentist or specialist. However, the details of each plan can vary quite a bit, so you should pay attention to the stipulations and benefits that are you unique to your policy. In the meantime, we can give a general overview of the coverage that you might enjoy with Cigna:

  • Preventive care: 100% covered. Routine cleanings, exams, and X-rays fall into this category. Some Cigna plans require you to pay a deductible before your preventive benefits kick in.
  • Basic services: Up to 80% covered. Fillings, non-surgical extractions, and other relatively simple procedures usually fall into this category.
  • Major services: Up to 50% covered. Often, crowns, dentures, root canal therapy, and other major procedures fall into this category.
  • Orthodontia: Limited coverage available on certain Cigna plans. Usually, braces and clear aligners are up to 50% covered, up to a plan’s lifetime orthodontic maximum. (The maximum is $1,000 with the Cigna 1500 plan.)

Your Cigna policy is likely to have an annual maximum, which places a yearly limit on how much money Cigna will pay for approved services. Depending on the plan you choose, the maximum could be anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000.

Because our practice is in-network with Cigna, we can help you get more value out of your annual maximum. Not only do we have a contract with Cigna that controls prices, but we are also sometimes able to schedule major services in a way that lets you use two annual maximums rather than one.

Meet Jessica

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Our whole team wants to see you maximize your dental insurance benefits, but Jessica is the one who takes the lead in that area. As our treatment and insurance specialist, she is ready to help you understand your coverage, file your claims, and find answers to all of your insurance-related questions. We are proud to have had Jessica on our team since 2019; she has established herself as a helpful, knowledgeable staff member who is always thinking about the needs of our precious patients.